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County Jails in Idaho: What You Need To Know

Most people envision high-security prisons where criminals are held while they await trial or sentencing when they think about jails. However, there are also a number of county jails in Idaho that house offenders who have been found guilty and are serving their sentences. These jails are sometimes housed in the same structure as the courthouse.

The county jails in Idaho are the state's first line of defense against crime, but they are also some of the most congested and hazardous prisons in the country. It can be challenging to understand your rights or what to do if you find yourself in custody given that Idaho's county jails house over 386,000 inmates annually.

If you're seeking for details about county jails in the state of Idaho, you've come to the correct spot. Everything from the fundamentals of what a county prison is to specific details about some of the detention facilities in Idaho will be covered on this website.

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About County Jails In Idaho: Detention Centers

In Idaho, there are numerous county jails, each with its own amenities, visiting hours, and regulations. What do they all share, though? They are all places where people who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or sentencing are being held in detention.

You might not know what to anticipate if you haven't previously had the bad experience of staying at one of these facilities. To help you be ready in case you or a loved one wind up in jail, here is a brief guide to county jails in Idaho.

  • In Idaho, the sheriff's office is in charge of most county jails. In order to make it simple for inmates to go to and from court hearings, they are typically situated close to courthouses.

  • These jails typically house fewer inmates and are substantially smaller than state prisons. It implies that there is a wide range of circumstances in county jails.

  • 90% of those incarcerated as of September 2020 are men. 90% of prisoners are detained due to felonies.

How Do They Differ From Other Correctional Facilities?

County jails and detention centers in Idaho differ from other correctional facilities in a few key ways.

The number of beds available in Idaho's 60 long-term county facilities climbed from 16,000 in 2011. Over 19,000 beds are operated by at least one long-term facility in almost every county. Even though more than half of the county's facilities were created before 1990, new ones have just recently been constructed.

Different levels and types of care are offered by court holding facilities, short-term holding facilities, and long-term facilities. Inmates who have been given a jail or prison sentence of more than a year or who are awaiting trial and are not qualified for bail release are housed in long-term facilities.

Long-term detainees frequently commit more serious crimes and are more prone to belong to gangs. Compared to those in temporary holding or court holding, these inmates require a greater level of security classification and supervision.

Although some inmates in long-term custody may eventually be transferred to state prison, most will serve their sentence in county jail. In conclusion, county jails in Idaho are an essential part of the state's criminal justice system. They play a vital role in keeping communities safe and ensuring that offenders are held accountable for their actions.