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Named for the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, whose term saw the creation of the Idaho Territory. On March 18, 1895, Lincoln County was created, with Shoshone serving as the county seat.

    Lincoln County Jail Idaho

    Address: 111 W B St S, Shoshone, ID 83352
    Phone: (208) 886-2250

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In Custody Lincoln County Idaho

Lincoln County Jail is an adult facility with minimal security located in Shoshone, Idaho. The facility, which has a 70-bed capacity, has been in business since 1995 and counts roughly 4368 bookings annually. All Lincoln County convicts are housed in this adult facility, which is run by the Idaho Sheriff. The Idaho Department of Corrections is in charge of running and maintaining the facility.

Lincoln County

Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865), who served as President of the United States from 1861–1865, is honored with the name Lincoln County. Founded on March 18, 1895, with Shoshone as the county seat. Originally, Lincoln County was substantially larger; however, Gooding and Minidoka seized almost half of it in 1913, leaving Lincoln County with only 1,206 square miles after Jerome was established in 1919. named for the sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, whose term saw the creation of the Idaho Territory.

The Idaho Legislature divided Blaine County, which had been formed earlier in the month by the union of Alturas and Logan Counties, to create Lincoln County on March 18, 1895. On January 28, 1913, Lincoln County was divided, with the western section becoming Gooding County and the eastern part becoming Minidoka County. On February 8, 1919, the county's current boundaries were established when a southern portion became Jerome County.

Bordering counties are as follows: Northeast: Blaine County, Southeast: Minidoka County, Southwest: Jerome County, West: Gooding County, Northwest: Camas County.

Cities of Lincoln

There are 3 Towns and Cities located in Lincoln County, Idaho, United States: Dietrich, Richfield, Shoshone.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,206 square miles, of which 1,201 square miles is land and 4.5 square miles (0.4%) is water.