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The National Commission of Remedial Medical Services and Idaho Adjustments Accreditation Commission both accredit the Gem County Jail, which is run by Idaho Model Jail Standards.

    Gem County Jail Idaho

    Address: 410 E 1st St, Emmett, ID 83617
    Phone: (208) 365-4484

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Disposition are all available when looking up an offender in the Gem County Jail. The Gem County Jail, a medium-sized jail facility in Gem County, is set up on 12 parcels of land in the city of Emmet. It was constructed in 1929 and can be found at 410 East First in Emmet, Idaho, 83617.

Gem County Idaho

Idaho's Gem County is one of its counties. 16,719 people were counted in the population in 2010. It was founded on March 15, 1915, as Gem County. Emmett is the major city and the county seat. The county bears the state's moniker, "Gem State."

Founded on March 15th, 1915, with Emmett serving as the county seat. named after the "Gem State" moniker for the state. Alexander Ross discovered Squaw Creek in 1824 after fur trappers first arrived in the region in 1818. On their way to the Boise Basin gold rush in 1862, prospectors and miners passed through the county. The following year, irrigation along the Payette River started.

Bordering counties are as follows: North: Adams County, Northeast: Valley County, East: Boise County, South: Ada County, Southwest: Canyon County, West: Payette County, Northwest: Washington County.

Cities of Gem

There are 8 Towns and Cities located in Gem County, Idaho, United States: Emmett, Black Canyon, Bramwell, Cold House, Del Monte, Gross, Jenness, Letha, Little Rock, Montour, Ola, Pearl, Plaza, Sweet.

Reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 566 square miles, of which 561 square miles is land and 4.8 square miles (0.8%) is water. Gem county is located close to the center of Idaho. The county is the fifth-smallest county in Idaho by area.