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The Power County Sheriff's Office's mission is to work in collaboration with the local population. to effectively prevent crime, uphold the rule of law fairly, and increase public confidence via openness and accountability.

    Power County Jail Idaho

    Address: 550 Gifford Ave, American Falls, ID 83211
    Phone: (208) 226-7930

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The inmate will be permitted to telephone family or friends when the booking procedure is complete to inform them of his or her detention and charge (s). A discussion of bond information is also possible.

Each bond posted requires a $10.00 bond charge. Each charge or warrant that is filed against an inmate will incur a $10.00 cost (unless the charge or warrant is consolidated under one bond by a judge's order). The bond amount must be paid in addition to the bond cost. Bonds that don't include the additional $10.00 charge won't be processed.

Power County Idaho

Idaho's Power County is a county in that state. There were 7,817 people living in the county as of the 2010 census. Creating the county took place on January 30, 1913. American Falls is the major city and the county seat. The early hydroelectric power station at the American Falls, built in 1902, inspired the naming of Power County. The American Falls Power Plant inspired the naming of Power County.

Founded on January 30th, 1913, with American Falls serving as the county seat. American Falls Power Plant is honored by the name. The county's initial settlement, American Falls, served as a popular camping spot for travelers on the Oregon Trail. When the Oregon Short Line was constructed across southern Idaho, it became into a railroad stop.

This county includes a portion of the Caribou National Forest, the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, the Curlew National Grassland, the Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge, and the Sawtooth National Forest.

Bordering counties are as follows: Northeast: Bingham County, East: Bannock County, Southeast: Oneida County, Southwest: Cassia County, Northwest: Blaine County.

Cities of Power

There are 4 Towns and Cities located in Power County, Idaho, United States: Pocatello, American Falls, Pocatello, Rockland.

As reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,443 square miles, of which 1,404 square miles is land and 38 square miles (2.7%) is water.