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The primary goal of the Jefferson County jail is to give all inmates access to a clean, secure, and safe place of confinement. Additionally, the jail must offer a professional, secure, and safe environment for inmates, visitors, and professional user agencies.

    Jefferson County Jail Idaho

    Address: 200 Courthouse Way, Rigby, ID 83442
    Phone: (208) 745-6574

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In Custody Jefferson County Idaho

People who are found to be a threat to public safety must be held safely by the jail in order to protect the neighborhood. According to the Idaho Sheriff's Association for Jail Standards and the U.S. Constitution, the jail will offer secure, constitutional, and humane treatment for adult male and female convicts who are awaiting trial and sentenced until their sentences are served.

Jefferson County

In 1864, the Salt Lake City to Virginia City Stagecoach began operating through the region. At Market Lake (Roberts), Sand Hole (Hamer), and Camas, stops were created. Around the stagecoach stops, little towns formed, with Market Lake seeing the most notable development. On July 29, 1868, the post office at Eagle Rock was moved to Market Lake, where the county's first post office was created. The first settlers arrived in Mud Lake in 1868 as well.

When Fremont was founded in 1893, the whole area that is now Jefferson County was included. When Butte County was established in 1917, Jefferson County, which had been established in 1913, immediately took on its current structure. According to census records, Lewisville was the county's first hamlet to incorporate in 1904. Following it were Roberts in 1910, Menan in 1907, and Rigby in 1906. By 1920, Ririe had become a city, and in 1950, Hamer and Mud Lake followed suit.

South of Rigby, a sizable, well crafted memorial honoring hundreds of Jefferson County Veterans has just been built next to the rodeo grounds. The past century has seen rapid expansion in Jefferson County. Between 2000 and 2010, the population increased dramatically over the new millennium—by over 36%. According to the most recent census estimate, there are close to 27,000 people living there.

Bordering counties are as follows: North: Clark County, Northeast: Fremont County, East: Madison County, Southeast: Bonneville County, South: Bingham County, West: Butte County.

Cities of Jefferson

There are 7 Towns and Cities located in Jefferson County, Idaho, United States: Hamer, Lewisville, Menan, Mud Lake, Rigby, Ririe, Roberts.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,106 square miles, of which 1,094 square miles is land and 12 square miles (1.1%) is water.