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    Bannock County Jail Idaho

    Address: 5800 S 5th Ave, Pocatello, ID 83204
    Phone: (208) 236-7125

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62 highly trained deputies make up the Bannock Detention Division, and the Uniformed Detention Deputies are Idaho POST Certified. The majority of our training and certification requirements are handled internally by a number of our deputies who are POST Certified Instructors in various professions. A new jail with 72 beds was constructed in 1955. Before convict population growth necessitated the construction of a new, larger institution, it served the community for almost 40 years. The current, brand-new, cutting-edge institution was built in 1994 and can house 264 offenders. Within the new facility, we introduced a number of direct supervision housing units, which represented a novel strategy for the personnel.

We are very proud of and admire all of the staff for their continued dedication, professionalism and integrity. We know they will always do their utmost best providing service and protection to the inmates, public, and one another.

Bannock County Idaho

In the southeast of Idaho is a county called Bannock County. The county had 87,018 residents as of the 2020 Census, making it Idaho's sixth-most populous county. Pocatello is the major city and the county seat. The Bannock tribe in the area inspired the county's naming when it was created in 1893. It is one of the counties whose territories are a part of the federally recognized Shoshone-Bannock Tribes' Fort Hall Indian Reservation.

Founded on March 6, 1893, with Pocatello serving as the county seat, from a portion of Bingham County. referred to as Bannock after the Bannock Indians, the region's original occupants, whose name was spelled that way by early immigrants.

The area that is now Bannock County was first recorded in history when the French Sieur de la Salle planted his nation's flag there in 1662, naming the region "Louisiana" after his sovereign, Louis XIV of France. Louisiana was surrendered to Spain in 1762 by Louis XV in an effort to keep England from obtaining it and in an effort to gain an ally. Carlos IV of Spain traded it back to Napoleon, who later sold it. The United States paid $15,000,000 for this region in 1803 under Thomas Jefferson's administration. It included the majority, if not the entirety, of the present-day state of Idaho, and most definitely the all of Bannock County. In his "History of Idaho," Mr. John Hailey writes about the circumstances at the time the first seven counties were established: "Quite a percentage of the whole population was engaged in some kind of trade, merchandising, hotel and restaurant-keeping, butcher, feed and livery business, blacksmithing, sawmilling and carpentry. There were many people working in the passenger and freight transportation industry. A select number had relocated to ranches, where they were cultivating and enhancing them. There were a few road agents, ready and willing to relieve anyone of his ready money without recompense whenever an opportune chance presented itself, and many more than necessary were engaged in the saloon and gambling industry. The main goal of everything The primary object of all seemed to be to gather gold. But I think I may truthfully say that ninety-five per cent of these people were good, industrious, honorable and enterprising, and to all appearances desired to make money in a legitimate way.”

Bordering counties are as follows: North: Bingham County, East: Caribou County, Southeast: Franklin County, Southwest: Oneida County, West: Power County

Cities of Bannock

There are 8 Towns and Cities located in Bannock County, Idaho, United States: Alameda, Arimo, Bannock, Blackrock, Blazer, Cambridge, Chubbuck, Dempsey, Downata Hot Springs, Downey, Fairview, Hawkins, Inkom, Lava Hot Springs, Marsh Valley, McCammon, Pocatello, Portneuf, Red Rock Junction, Robin, Swanlake, Topaz, Tyhee, Virginia, Zenda.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,147 square miles, of which 1,112 square miles is land and 35 square miles (3.1%) is water. The Portneuf River flows through the county, meeting the Snake River (the American Falls Reservoir) at the county's lowest point, its northwestern corner. Bonneville Peak, on the eastern border in the Portneuf Range, is the county's highest point at 9,271 feet on its western slopes is the Pebble Creek ski area.