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    Address: 2151 S Tiger Dr, Jerome, ID 83338
    Phone: (208) 595-3371

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In accordance with court orders, the male and female inmates of the Jerome County Correctional Facility will offer professional managed detention services to criminals. We'll pay attention to and respond to the needs of both our residents and prisoners. With an emphasis on constructive activities and rehabilitation possibilities, we meet the convicts' basic human needs.

We take pride in our abilities and professional successes, and we will keep up our professionalism through training and educational possibilities. Before one of our residents is a victim, it is our duty to be creative, proactive, and collaborative in order to stop crime and lessen violence.

Jerome County Idaho

Idaho's Jerome County is one of its counties. 22 374 people called the county home as of the 2010 Census. Jerome is the biggest city and the county seat. It was established on February 8th, 1919. The North Side Irrigation Project creator Jerome Hill, his son-in-law Jerome Kuhn, or his grandson Jerome Kuhn, Jr. are all named as the namesakes of Jerome County.

Jerome County is named for one of three influential local figures: Jerome Hill, Jerome Kuhn, or Jerome Kuhn Jr.

Founded on February 8th, 1919, with Jerome serving as the county seat. The name Jerome is frequently attributed to three people: Jerome Hill, one of the architects of the North Side Irrigation Project; Jerome Kuhn, Jr., his grandson; or Jerome Kuhn, his son-in-law. Each contributed to the county's development in some way.

Bordering counties are as follows: Northeast: Lincoln County; Minidoka County, Southeast: Cassia County, Southwest: Twin Falls County, Northwest: Gooding County.

Cities of Jerome

There are 3 Towns and Cities located in Jerome County, Idaho, United States: Eden, Hazelton, Jerome.

As reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 602 square miles, of which 597 square miles is land and 5.0 square miles (0.8%) is water.