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The Bear Lake County Jail is dedicated to ensuring public safety by housing all inmates in a secure, safe, and humane environment. Our goal is to treat persons who have been arrested with the utmost respect and decency while upholding the highest professional standards.

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    Address: 475 S 2nd St E, Soda Springs, ID 83276
    Phone: (208) 547-3094

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In Custody Bear Lake County Idaho

The Adult Minimum Security Bear Lake County Jail is located in Paris, Bear Lake County, Idaho. Since it began operating in 1978, the 137-bed facility has welcomed roughly 1755 guests annually. All Bear Lake County offenders are housed in this adult facility, which is supervised by the Idaho Sheriff. Idaho Department of Corrections is in charge of running and maintaining the facility.

Bear Lake County

Native Americans frequented the Bear Lake Valley for a long time. Traveling bands of the Shoshone, Ute, and Bannock tribes identified it as one of the best hunting areas. For people going on hunting excursions, it was a popular camping location.

Early in 1818, mountain men arrived to the region to go hunting and trapping. Due to the high density of black bears in the region, Donald "Fats" McKenzie christened Bear Lake "Black Bear Lake" while attending one of the Indian gatherings at the southern end of Bear Lake in 1819. In 1827 and 1828, there were two documented meetings. To trade furs and products, Indians, suppliers, and trappers convened. These meetings included Jim Bridger and Jedediah Smith. In 1842, John C. Fremont passed through the region. He and Captain Bonneville documented their findings of Bear Lake Valley in their writings. Many of the nearby mountain peaks, canyons, and streams were given names by Fremont.

In the early years of the trail, Thomas L. "Peg Leg" Smith ran a trading post where people traveling the route could exchange goods and animals. To the southeast of Montpelier, close to Dingle, stood his trading post. The first Mormon settlers were sent to the valley by Brigham Young in 1863, under the direction of Charles C. Rich. Using the valley's timber, water, and other resources, they founded the town of Paris.

The Oregon Trail, the railroad, and Bear Lake County's pioneer history all had a big impact on the region. Due to its lengthy winters, population is constrained.

Cities of Bear Lake

There are 10 Towns and Cities located in Bear Lake County, Idaho, United States: Bern, Bloomington, Dingle, Fish Haven, Geneva, Georgetown, Montpelier, Paris, Saint Charles.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, As of the 2020 the county had a population of 6,372. The county seat is Paris, and Montpelier is the largest city. The county is named after Bear Lake, a large alpine lake at an elevation of 5,924 feet above sea level.