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According to state law, the Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center is required to manage and house adult offenders who have been charged with or convicted of a public offense in the county jail as well as transport them to the closest magistrate. It will offer the maximum level of protection for the general public and the safety of both the inmates and personnel of the correctional system in the most cost-effective way possible by adhering to American Correctional Association and the Idaho Jail Standards.

    Cassia County Jail Idaho

    Address: 1415 Albion Ave, Burley, ID 83318
    Phone: (208) 878-1000

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Through the education programs provided, which include adult continuing education, substance addiction programs, and rehabilitative community-based programs, inmates will ideally depart the jail without getting worse. The Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center's management and professionally trained employees are dedicated to upholding the fundamental human rights and dignity of the prison population as outlined by the US Constitution.

You shouldn't use the information in this document as the basis for any kind of legal action. For their criminal behavior, these individuals were detained in the Cassia County Jail. Juvenile offenders are not included on this list. Since this database is regularly updated, it's possible that recent changes to an inmate's status won't be reflected there. Status of an inmate can only be verified in person or over the phone.

Cassia County Idaho

Idaho's Cassia County is a county in that state. There were 22,952 people residing in the county as of the 2010 Census. The county of Cassia was founded on February 20th, 1879. Burley is the major city and the county seat. In honor of Cassia Creek, the county is named.

Founded on February 20th, 1879, with Albion serving as the county seat. Later, Twin Falls and Power counties were established in 1913, shrinking the original county's limits. Burley became the new county seat on November 5, 1918. Named after Cassia Creek, which was named after either James John Cazier, a flamboyant emigrant train commander who was a member of the Mormon Battalion and the LDS Church, or cajeaux, a common French word for raft. The name of a plant is thought to have inspired the name locally as well.

South Idaho is where Cassia County is situated. Numerous mountain ranges run north from the southern limit of the county and becoming smaller as they get closer to the Snake River, which flows from east to west. The northern half of the county is a part of the Magic Valley section of the Snake River Plain. The southern region of the county is home to the Silent City of Rocks National Reserve, which has exposed granitic batholith that may be 2.5 billion years old.

The county's typical household income was $39,866, while the median family income was $47,995. The median salary for men was $36,402 compared to $22,156 for women. The county's per capita income was $17,782. 18.7% of people under the age of 18 and 8.1% of people over the age of 65 lived below the poverty line, along with 12.4% of households and 15.4% of the total population.

Cities of Cassia

There are 34 Towns and Cities located in Cassia County, Idaho, United States: Albion, Burley, Declo, Malta, Oakley, Almo, Basin, Beetville, Bridge, Conant, Connor, Cotterel, Elba, Garrard Ranch, Heglar, Hobson, Idahome, Iversons, Jackson, Kelso, Kenyon, Keogh, Marion, Naf, North Kenyon, Pella, Raft River, Ruby, Springdale, Strevell, Sublett, Trout, Unity, View.

As reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 2,580 square miles, of which 2,565 square miles (is land and 15 square miles (0.6%) is water. The county's highest point is Cache Peak at an elevation of 10,339 feet above sea level in the Albion Mountains, and the lowest is Milner Lake, a reservoir on the Snake River, at 4,134 feet.