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Currently, Oneida County lacks a jail or other detention facility. Every prisoner is transported to the Caribou County Jail in Soda Springs, Idaho.

    Oneida County Jail Idaho

    Address: 10 E Court St, Malad City, ID 83252
    Phone: (208) 766-2251

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In Custody Oneida County Idaho

A secure facility that accommodates inmates is the Oneida County Jail in Malad, Idaho. The prisoners might be doing time served after being found guilty of a crime, or they can be in the process of being tried or sentenced. Inmates' arrest, sentence, court, and other criminal records are all kept on file by jails and prisons. These records are made accessible to the general public by Oneida County Jail.

Oneida County

In 1864, Oneida County was established. The legislature picked the name because some of the early immigrants were from Oneida, New York, which is an Indian term for a member of an Iroquoian tribe that originally resided in New York State. The county seat was chosen to be in Soda Springs. It had been planned by Brigadier-General Patrick Edward Connor the summer before, in 1803. He founded Fort Connor, built the first hotel, and opened the first general shop with the help of three companies of soldiers and a few Morrisite families.

However, in the fall of 1863, agreements reached with the Bannock and Shoshone Indians thanks to the presence of troops made traveling along the Oregon Trail risk-free for the first time. The military post's strategic significance decreased as immigration decreased. The county seat was relocated to Malad City by a territorial legislature resolution that was approved on January 5th, 1866. The county administration was kept in the top floor of Connor's adobe hotel in Soda Springs for two years.

Oneida County is a county in the Idaho state. There were 4,286 people living in the county as of the 2010 census. The county of Oneida was established on January 22, 1864. Malad City is both the county seat and the major city. Oneida Lake in New York state, where many of the county's early immigrants originated, serves as its inspiration. The New York region around Oneida Lake, where many of the earliest inhabitants originated, is where Oneida County gets its name.

Founded on January 22nd, 1864, with Soda Springs as the county seat. Due to its expansion and placement on the stagecoach line and freight road connecting Corinne, Utah, and the mines in Butte, Montana, it was transferred to Malad City in 1866. named after Lake Oneida in New York, whence the majority of the original residents had immigrated. Malad City and the adjacent Malad Valley are home to the majority of the county's residents.

Cities of Oneida

There are 20 Towns and Cities located in Oneida County, Idaho, United States: Black Pine, Buist, Cedarhill, Cherry Creek, Dairy Creek, Daniels, Gwenford, Holbrook, Holbrook Summit, Ireland Springs, Juniper, Malad City, Nelson, Pleasantville, Ridgedale, Roy Summit, Saint Johns, Samaria, Stone, Woodruff

Reported by the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,202 square miles, of which 1,200 square miles is land and 1.5 square miles (0.1%) is water. Southeast Idaho is where Oneida County is situated. The county's highest peak, Elkhorn Peak, is 9,095 feet above sea level. The geography is characterized by alternating valleys and ridges of mountains or hills, with grassland and sagebrush covering the majority of the area. The county includes the Curlew National Grassland.