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A county jail's primary duty is to offer prisoners safe, secure, and constitutional detention. To achieve these objectives, it is essential to have a staff of detention deputies who are highly competent, well-trained, and equipped to ensure their safety and capacity to carry out their tasks.

    Boundary County Jail Idaho

    Address: 6438 Kootenai St, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
    Phone: (208) 267-3151

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In Custody Boundary County Idaho

This department's main objective is to give the jail employees a working environment that complies with the laws and regulations established by the Idaho Sheriff's Association. We are able to give prisoners greater treatment and care because we adhere to these legal regulations and norms. Inmates must be provided with the same level of medical care they would receive if they weren't behind bars, as well as a sanitary environment, nourishing food, and access to family, clergy, and legal counsel during their incarceration. Our main objective is to get inmates to come to these group meetings and meet with clerics and family members. We hope that, with our guidance and support from friends, family, and the church, they will feel better about themselves upon release and be able to reintegrate into society with a fresh outlook.

Boundary County

Idaho's Boundary County is the state's most northern county. There were 12,056 people there as of the 2020 census.  Bonners Ferry is the major city and the county seat.  On January 23, 1915, the Idaho Legislature established Boundary County. It is the only county in Idaho with an international border, which is why it is named after Canada. Additionally, it is just one of three counties in the US—the others being Coös County in New Hampshire and Erie County in Pennsylvania—that shares borders with both other states and a foreign nation.

On January 23, 1915, Bonner County was split off to become Boundary County. Due to its location on the borders of Canada, Washington, and Montana, the county was given the name Boundary.

There are seven voting precincts in Boundary County: Valley View, Bonners Ferry, Copeland, Kootenai, Moyie, and Naples. All but Copeland, Moyie, and Naples precincts contain a portion of Bonners Ferry City. In 1947, Moyie Springs became a corporation.

When Bonners Ferry was built on the Kootenai River in 1864, the region was first settled. Up until roughly 1890, settlement was restricted to the ferry business. In 1893, the town of Bonners Ferry was founded. There were just a few modest ranching and mining businesses at that time, but the timber industry was growing.

Cities of Boundary

There are 11 Towns and Cities located in Boundary County, Idaho, United States: Bonners Ferry, Moyie Springs, Addie, Eileen, Naples, Allens Spur, Good Grief, Porthil, Burns, Katka, Rit, Copeland, Leonia, Schnoors, Crossport, McArthur, Shiloh, Deep Creek, Meadow Creek, Sinclair, Eastport, Moravia, Threemile Corner.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,278 square miles, of which 1,269 square miles is land and 9.3 square miles (0.7%) is water.