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The Butte County Idaho Jail is a county jail with a medium security rating that is situated in Arco, Idaho. Female Offenders who have been found guilty of crimes that violate Idaho state and federal law are housed in this prison. In 1917, the County Jail first opened. 570 prisoners can be housed there, which is the maximum number of beds for a facility.

    Butte County Jail Idaho

    Address: 256 West Grand Avenue, Arco, ID 83213
    Phone: (208) 527-8553

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In Custody Butte County Idaho

Idaho, a state in the United States, is home to the rural county of Butte County. The county had 2,574 residents as of the 2020 census, making it Idaho's third-least populous county. Arco, the county's capital and major city. Parts of the counties of Bingham, Blaine, and Jefferson were combined to form the county in 1917. In order to attain its current boundary, the county acquired territory from Custer County in the Clyde region in 1937.

Butte County

About four miles south of the current Arco town site, the first community in Butte County was established in 1878. Previously known as Kennedy Crossing and Lower Crossing of the Lost River, the community was situated in eastern Alturas County. The community was first known as Arco after the post office opened in 1879.

Era, now a ghost town, was founded in 1885. Prior to 1890, Antelope, Martin, and Island (now Moore) were also settled. All five Butte County settlements, totaling 389 people at the time of the 1890 census, had precincts established by Alturas County. In 1895, the villages were integrated into Blaine County. All save Martin's settlement received precincts from Blaine County, which also erected a precinct for Clyde. The five precincts had 714 people living there as of the 1900 census; this number rose to 1787 by 1910. The town of Arco was moved to its current location in 1901 as a result of the building of a railroad from Blackfoot to Mackay.

The Idaho Falls, ID Metropolitan Statistical Area includes Butte County. The enormous Idaho National Laboratory, which stretches eastward into adjacent counties, occupies a significant portion of the county's eastern region.

Cities of Butte

There are 12 Towns and Cities located in Butte County, Idaho, United States: Arco, Butte City, Moore, Berenice, Clyde, Darlington, Era, Howe, Lost River, Martin, Scoville, Smith Corrals.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 2,234 square miles, of which 2,232 square miles is land and 2.0 square miles (0.1%) is water.