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    Boise County Jail Idaho

    Address: 3851 Highway 21 P.O. Box 189 Idaho City, ID 83631
    Phone: (208) 392-4411

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In Custodies: Daily at 1:15 P.M.
Arraignment and Motion Day: Mondays
Jury Trial Days: 2nd Tuesday of the Month
Sentencing Day: 4th Tuesday of the Month
Small Claims Court:1st Tuesday of even-numbered Months

The Boise County Sheriff’s Office is committed to giving every citizen the best possible service. Our main goal is to ensure Boise County is a safe place to live, work, and play. Providing excellence in law enforcement through dedication to service in the community.

Boise County Idaho

Idaho, a state in the United States, has the rural mountain county of Boise. There were 7,610 people living there as of the 2020 United States Census. The county seat is the historic Idaho City, which is connected to Lowman, Centerville, Placerville, Pioneerville, Star Ranch, Crouch, Garden Valley, and Horseshoe Bend via a network of paved and dirt roads.

The county was created on February 4th, 1864, with Idaho City serving as the county seat. It was given that name in honor of the Boise River, which French-Canadian explorers and trappers gave that name to in honor of the wide variety of trees that grew along its banks in the lower desert valley. One of four counties in Idaho that also existed in Washington Territory is the county in question. The majority of Idaho below latitude 114° 30', except the area west of the Payette River, was included in the county created by the Washington territorial government on January 12, 1863. They established Idaho City as the location of the county seat.

Most of that region was moved to Ada County in December 1864, leaving only minor pieces of Custer, Gem, Payette, Valley, and Washington counties along with the majority of today's Boise County. By 1866, the Boise River part of the present-day western boundary had been created. The following year, the present-day Ada County's common southern boundary was established. The most unstable border was in the north. The line changed many times between 1873 and 1887, moving farther north into Valley County, back south below Cascade, and then once more north to cover the North Fork of Payette River Basin. After Valley County and Gem County were established in 1918 and 1915, respectively, the county received its current border.

Cities of Boise

There are 4 Towns and Cities located in Boise County, Idaho, United States: Crouch, Horseshoe Bend, Idaho City, Placerville.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has an area of 1,907 square miles, of which 1,899 square miles is land and 7.4 square miles (0.4%) is water. The highest point in the county is Thompson Peak at 10,751 feet, on its eastern border in the Sawtooth Wilderness. The county's lowest point is on the Payette River, on its western border with Gem County, at approximately 2,500 feet. The elevated central basin area rises 1,700 feet higher than Horseshoe Bend for instance and thus receives significantly more snow during the winter. Star Ranch, Placerville, and Centerville average 4,300 feet above sea level whereas Horseshoe Bend is 1,700 feet lower, Garden Valley is 1,157 feet lower, and Idaho City is 400 feet lower. Snow volumes around the county are best illustrated by the county Snow Load Map. Placerville roofs must be designed to withstand 150 pounds per square foot of snow whereas Horseshoe Bend is a third of that at 52.